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August 25, 2003
Company Overview
MakeItNigeria.com is a business dedicated to providing Nigeria’s first short term furnished vacation homes and suites where they are relentless in their efforts to redefine luxury accommodation in Nigeria! MakeItNigeria.com  was inspired by numerous tales of horrible accommodation arrangements experienced by Nigerians during casual holiday visits to Nigeria.  As a matter of fact, most Nigerians e…ven dread going home simply because of this reason.  This is now a thing of the past for those who can afford to “Pay a little to live a little” This business is intended to expand into one that provides a variety of services to Nigerian living abroad especially.  See More
Our goal is to provide short-stay facilities to Nigerians and Foreigners alike that are vacationing in Nigeria — facilities that are safe, secure, clean, fully equipped, relaxing, comfortable and full of all luxuries one would come to expect from similar facilities in developed nations. The goal is to bundle the Residential Rentals (short-term & long-term) with Ground Transportation (Car Hire Service), Laundry & Catering Services, Telecommunications, In-House Personalized Beauty Care, Tour Guide, etc. What really sets our facilities apart from Hotels around Lagos is that you will not be confined to just one room, you will have greater control over your environment, you’ll have lots of storage space, plus you will have full and complete access to amenities that are simply non-existent in hotel rooms worldwide, e.g. DVD Player, 29″ Television Sets, Fully Soft Leather seating, Fully equipped kitchen, etc. This service will eventually expand into other areas in Nigeria such as Contract Building Construction, Vetting Services for Real Estate initiatives, Real Estate Listings, Classified Ads, etc. We kid you not — the pictures you see on this website are actual pictures of our rental accommodation in Nigeria!  For now, try us out and you will not be disappointed!  Make-It-Nigeria for your next family vacation.
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