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Are you trying to generate more bookings for your current rental property or are you trying to generate income from your investment in a tastefully furnished property in Nigeria?  Well, look no further.  Give your rental property in Nigeria more exposure by advertising it on Make-It-Nigeria, the exclusive provider of vacation rentals across Nigeria.

Showcase your property with lots of photos, complete property description, availability calendar, and much more. Adding your property to Make-It-Nigeria will most certainly generate more leads from travelers all over the world. The timely responses we provide will lead to increased bookings.

Why List Your Property with

MakeItNigeria is an easy-to-use website promoting many properties across Nigeria.  Listing with us will certainly increase your occupancy rates. Try our service – It is Risk Free! No other property rental company in Nigeria provides the same peace of mind while offering worldwide visibility with highly targeted traffic as well as help you find new customers.
On our growing  and platforms, we run one of the most credible and highly effective Nigerian rental property websites on the web!  We can be reached in the USA +1 908 824-0101.



MakeItNigeria works on your behalf on a better scale than the local agents in Lagos.  Here are some example of value-added services that we do provide above and beyond the agents:

  • Improved Exposure – Try searching for apartments for rent in Lagos on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  You will always see MakeItNigeria on the first page consistently.  Listing with us means your property will get better global exposure.
  • Global Reach – we do not actively advertise inside Nigeria, but rather to the global market.  Over 90% of our customers are from abroad (Expats and Nigerians alike)
  • Flexible Payment Systems – We do aid in collecting rental fees on your behalf in a credible and trustworthy way, at times via Credit Card, Paypal, Forex, etc without charging you any fees
  • Guest Relations – Occasionally when complaints or issue arise, MakeItNigeria actually works as a conduit between you and the guests to amicably settle or resolve issues.  We just don’t collect commissions and disappear like some agents do.  We work with and collaborate with you all the way.
  • Post-Rental Surveys – After check out, we do interact with guests to collect constructive feedback and pass on to you to confirm or improve your services.
  • Confirmed Booking – By the time we tell you there is a confirmed booking, we already would have collected a $300 deposit from the guests to confirm their commitment to your booking
  • Documentation – With every confirmed booking, both the guest and you will get a 9 page rental agreement to ensure everyone is contractually on the same page.
  • Responsiveness – Over the many years we have been in business, our clients and property owners have consistently commended us for our credibility, integrity, responsiveness and agility in conducting our business. Very important in this business.   We do provide 1 to 1 marketing to ensure customer satisfaction and accurate matching of requirements to properties.
  • Complementary Services – We don’t just list and rent properties, we provide the full circle of services.  So customers looking at your services, will be also able to order airport pickup or car rental services, Beauty Salon Services, Laundry, Catering Services, etc.  We are probably the only one-stop hospitality booking site for Nigeria on the world wide web.

We can go on and on with the benefits.  But hope you will understand that this is a great alliance to participate in.

We are excited to work with you on the prospects of adding your property to our ever-growing Nigerian hospitality online portal – and most importantly, our upcoming

Services We Provide & What You Will Get

  • A full property description
  • Update your listing anytime for free
  • At our own costs, we will take care of online marketing, advertising on search engines such as Google, etc.
  • We will prequalify guests by ensure that each guest confirms their booking with a deposit. If guest does not honor the confirmed booking, the guest forfeits the deposit and we credit 70% of such forfeited deposit to you. If the guest does honor the booking, we handle collection, administration and refund of deposits.
  • All guests will arrive with a signed contract with terms dictated and/or approved by you.
  • Customer Intake & Customer Service – We handle all inquiries, emails, phone calls before and after the guests’ stay
  • At our own costs, we will provide all the website application development necessary to add your property to our website.  We also have other web assets where we link back to such as,,, just to name a few.
  • Availability calendar – We also build and maintain an online calendar for your property such that you and guests looking to book your properties will see the same availability calendar.  This will help potential guests ascertain when the property is vacant versus when it is occupied.

The Typical Booking Process

A customer sees your property online. Submits an electronic booking inquiry

  • We receive the inquiry, respond in a matter of hours. Then we engage in back and forth questions / answers, clarification, etc. until we find a serious customer
  • Next, we send a formal 10 page contract tailored to your property to such serious customer.  The serious customer reviews the contract, pays a $300 deposit to us to show commitment, then sends us a signed page from the contract with their emergency contacts
  • We then block out the dates confirmed on the online availability calendar for your property, notify the customer and also we send you an email notifying you of the CONFIRMED BOOKING.
  • Upon checking in, the confirmation deposit becomes the rental deposit. The contract states and customer is instructed to make FULL payment on or before check in. If they pay us, we remit the rental fees to you net of commission. For guests arriving at the apartment without prior payment, instructions are that just like a hotel, they should never hand out the keys of the apartment to any guest unless the guest pays in FULL on the spot – either in Naira, Dollars, Euro or British Pounds!
  • On day of check out, your people on ground in Nigeria need to text, call or email us to inform Make-It-Nigeria that there are no damages, lost or stolen items. Once we get the notification, we simply refund the guest’s deposit, typically $300.
  • For our efforts (marketing, booking, advertising, website development, customer services, etc.), we charge a commission as a nominal percentage of the rental fees. Please note that we do not charge you anything unless we bring you a confirmed customer who stays at your property and pays for services utilized. There are no monthly fees, and building the page for your property on our website is totally at our own cost!!!

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