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Our Security & Protection Services Include:

  • VIP Protection / Armed Escorts

    • We provide reliable armed escorts service anywhere within Nigeria. Our drivers are trained in defensive driving techniques while our Escort Commanders are experienced in route planning and convoy movement to ensure safety of our clients.
  • Security Guards / Uniformed Officers

    • Unarmed and Armed security officers are given either a professional dress uniform or a tactical uniform, depending on the client’s needs. This versatility enables the guard to best fit in with his/her environment, and have an inconspicuous presence when necessary.  Eyespy provide Guard Services Nation-wide for premises, homes and business offices.
  • Off-Duty Police Officers

    • Our Off-duty Officers are trained security officers available for corporate, private and government venues. We maintain a team that has received the highest level of training in protecting high profile executives, venues and events. Our Off-duty Officers are retired or  off-duty military and police officers.
  • Electronic Surveillance

    • Our Eyespy surveillance services provides and installs high-end custom-built DVR systems and a large selection of covert and exposed digital cameras for a variety of applications from private residences to banks, casinos, airports, military installations and convenience stores
    • Proper site surveillance is a necessary component of securing locations and providing some deterrent to criminal minded persons. Eyespy has a range of electronic Surveillance Systems for this purpose.  CCTV cameras, monitoring stations and consoles, motion detectors and other high-end electronic surveillance systems are available to secure business premises, homes and even high risk public locations.
  • Loss Prevention

    • We provide trained Loss prevention Officers to curtail criminal or illegal activities in your company. In order to sustain profitability external and internal threats to businesses must be dealt with proactively. This is especially important for retail and manufacturing and office buildings.This service is provided in conjunction with our Electronic Surveillance Systems to better enhance security.
  • Consulting & Investigations

    • We provide its clients with information and knowledge from which they can generate their business decisions. In today’s environment, information and knowledge are the keys to avoiding risk in all areas of the business.
  • Event Security

    • We provide security for all kinds of events ranging from Conventions, to seminars, entertainment shows and more. Events that attract large crowds pose a security risk and there is therefore need for qualified security personnel to secure such events.Eyespy’s security team are well-trained in Crowd and Access Control tactics necessary for securing event venues.
  • Risk Management

    • Eyespy can provide detailed risk assessment and vulnerability analysis of your events, business location and more and provide you a detailed intelligence as well as advice you on the best-fit security service.
  • Vehicle Tracking

    • Our Vehicle Tracking Service provides a comprehensive fleet tracking system for all kinds of vehicles an in any location. Our tracking system is GPS based and provides comprehensive location coverage. Some of the features of this services include:
      • GPS Tracking
      • Time, Expense and Delivery Management
      • Remote Vehicle Immobilization
      • Live Vehicle Tracking
      • Electronic Logging
      • Fuel Consumption Monitoring
      • Comprehensive Trip Data

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Armed Security Escort & Guard Services, Lagos, Nigeria
EyeSpy Security & Protection Services