Why Trust MakeItNigeria?

Shopping Online with MakeItNigeria for your Apartment & Car Hire Needs is EASY, SAFE and RELIABLE!

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Contrary to general belief about the risk of conducting transactions in Nigeria, you can put your mind at ease with MakeItNigeria.  We are credible, honest, trustworthy and transparent in all our dealings.

To see reasons why you should trust MakeItNigeria for your accommodation and transportation services in Nigeria, Watch the Video in English or Watch the Video In Yoruba

Safety and Security is a big concern amongst travelers to Nigeria.  Let’s face it, traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about becoming a crime victim while away from home.  That is exactly why we have painstakingly paid great attention to security aspect of our business in general and services in particular.

Here are a few independently verifiable reasons why you should entrust your hospitality services to Make-It-Nigeria:

  • Our Existence– We have been in business since 2003!!!  See our domain registration record AND our website ranking.
  • Security– For the safety and security of our guests, we do not publicly divulge the physical address of any of our properties.  Confirmed guests do get a written contract with the physical address, key contact details, financial and rental terms.  All our rental apartments and villas are located in secure gated communities with private fencing, effective access control, security guards and other security measures. We ensure that all properties are equipped with burglary proof metal bars on all windows and fortified metal exterior doors.  Majority of our rental apartments and villas do not have sign posts as they are mostly private homes and residences. Our chauffeurs, staff and attendants are carefully screened to insure uncompromising security.
  • Pre-Inspections– Upon request, we do arrange for physical pre-inspection of our rental properties where you can validate the existence of our properties and most importantly, verify that what is advertised on our website is what you see during inspection.
  • Peace of Mind – We never ask for payment of rental fees upfront.  You pay your rental fees UPON CHECKING IN and in the case of Car Rental Services, UPON COMMENCEMENT OF SERVICES, BUT NOT BEFORE!
  • Deposits – In order to ascertain commitment from our guests / clients, we ask for a refundable deposit.  We encourage our guests to pay such deposit via www.Paypal.comwhereby Paypal gives our guests a recourse and assurance that the transaction is not fraudulent. All deposits are refunded upon checkout provided there are no outstanding balances, damaged or stolen items in the rental properties.
  • Availability Calendar– Most of our rental apartments and villas across Nigeria do have online availability calendars.  Once your booking has been confirmed, your dates will be blocked off the calendar as being available, thereby publically and transparently taking the property off the marketing for the reserved period.  The blocked out dates are available publicly on the internent.
  • Black & White– We provide our guests with written contracts for each transaction. The contracts include physical address, key contact details, financial and rental terms.
  • Customer Testimonials– Hear feedback about our service directly from guests like you that have experienced and tasted our hospitality services. Facebook

Therefore, don’t be alarmed, Relax – You’re in great hands with MakeItNigeria!